"Hi, Scott. I got your e-book, The Inevitability of Becoming Rich. Finished it in a sitting. Excellent read. You were able to bring a brilliant old text into the present simply by interjecting your interview style. I thought you asked and answered, for the reader, the key ideas that Wallace Wattles wanted to convey. These principles, and the way in which you present them in your book, has encouraged me to action. Best 2 bills I have ever spent."



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If It's So Easy, why isn't everyone doing it

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the nightmare: the horror of making $10,000 in one week

This eBook discusses the real-life "Mother's Day Massacre" where my trading partner and I went through the nightmare of a trade gone wrong--and how it turned out right. This eBook is also included in the "How To Make 50% (On Purpose)" course. You can find that course on the Trading Courses page of this website.

the inevitability of becoming rich: an interview with a master

In this eBook, I interview one of the all-time greats. We discuss how getting rich isn't luck or environment or choosing the right business or a dog-eat-dog competition for the last available dollar. No, getting rich is possible for anyone. In fact, if you do it right, it's inevitable.