How To Immediately Beat Everyone You Know

As a coach for 22 years, the first thing I would do with my students is introduce them to the best tennis strategy ever invented.

I'll share that strategy with you now.


To immediately beat your opponent, your nemesis, or your best friend, here's what you do:


That's it. 

You don't need any special coaching or special equipment or a special fitness regimen. You just need to put your entire focus on that one principle.

Everyone else worries about what racquet to buy or what strings to use.

Everyone else worries about stepping in or turning their shoulders or putting their off-hand rigidly out in front of their body on their forehand.

Everyone else worries about what club to hit at or which coach would be best for them or how many ranked players are in the program. 

That's why everyone will lose to you.

In thinking about all of those ancillary things that don't solve the real problem, those people are leaving themselves vulnerable to what matters most. 

They will hit it out and worry about their new strings. You'll hit it in and win the point. 

They will hit it out and berate themselves for not moving their feet. You'll hit it in and win the game. 

They will hit it out and blame the fact they don't get enough good competition. You'll hit it in and win the trophy.

The simple things aren't sexy. The simple things aren't complicated enough. The simple things don't get to show off all the rigid stroke gymnastics that were obviously taught by an "expert" coach.

That's why those people will always hit the ball out.

And that's why you'll always win.

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