Netflix: I Hate You, I Love You

First of all, Netflix is the greatest thing on Earth.

To get all that content and no commercials? That's better than a bag full of pickles.

Second of all, I'm not sure I'm going to keep my subscription to Netflix.

Here's why. When I look at "New Releases," for example, all I see is a constant streame of "Original Programming." I don't know anything about those shows, and I'm not the least bit interested in spending thirteen hours of my life finding out if I should've watched in the first place.

And news flash: I didn't buy Netflix for the "Original Programming." I wanted to be able to watch movies and TV shows. I didn't ask anyone for new shows. I just wanted to be able to watch The Office for the eighth time.  

I know, I know. All their new shows are amazing. 

But here's the thing: I'm mostly not interested in your original ideas, Netflix. And I've been burned by hypnotized Netfix-ites far too often.

EVERYONE said Orange is the New Black was awesome. I made it through about 17 minutes and never went back.

Master of None is universally acclaimed. While Aziz is a good comedian, I didn't make it through one episode.

Trailer Park Boys? I'm sorry, what?

Adam Sandler origial movies? Yikes.

13 Reasons Why? I have 13 reasons why not.

As my favorite sports personality Bill Simmons would say, "Are we SURE Neftlix is good?"

Nonetheless, I still have my subscription--for now. And as long as I have it, here are some things not to be missed:

  • Daredevil. I liked the whole series, but the ending of Episode 2 from Season 1 was easily the coolest thing I have ever seen. Recommendation: There's, um, a fight scene with 5:33 to go in the Episode, and, um, just see for yourself. Holy crapoly.
  • Narcos. I learned things about the drug trade I never knew. I learned that even evil has a good side. I found myself almost sympathetic to Pablo. I found myself hating Pablo. It's true, it's fun, it's mesmerizing. Recommendation: all of it.
  • House of Cards, Season 1. This is what put Netflix on the map and spawned all the programming that's going to make me leave one day. Recommendation: re-watch the very first episode (and maybe Season 1).  That first scene is gripping and horrifying and intoxicating, and the whole episode/1st season totally creepy and totally fun at alternating times. sometimes at the same time. 
  • Sherlock. It's easily the greatest TV show of all time. I really won't listen to any other opinion because a different opinion could only come from an insane person. Recommendation: A Scandal in Belgravia. It's the best episode of anything ever created.

Netflix always has Sherlock waiting for me. In the end, that might be enough to keep me around.